Company History

We are Upscale Technology. Our company was founded in 1998 in the Hampton Roads by 6 individuals Bailey McCreary our CEO and LAN expert, Donivan Wagner our COO and Network Management/Systems Hardware expert, David Malkovskii our Security and VPN expert, Ben Kohler our LAN design expert, Tyree Gibson our WAN expert and Jack Burgess our Voice and Wireless expert. Our team has pushed to collaborate with other small local companies in the Hampton Roads area to bring creative network solutions to small upcoming companies like Caspian. Our team pushes the boundaries in network development and layout attempting to give every company the most cost effective and secure network possible. Our company worked with multiple companies in the past. Some of which are big companies such as Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, and South African Network Company. We have a long history of tech work and we have completed over 150 different projects.